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SmartGroo gives you the most consistent results in terms of plant growth.
With SmartGreens at your bay, you shall never have the problem of pests and non-GMO Seeds. Sweet, spicy or Salty everything is transported locally here. Our Farm works all year for your well-being and nourishment.

Tropicana Green Lettuce

Soft and Smooth, our Tropicana Green Lettuce gives you a definitive feel while you eat your salads.

Lollo Rossa Lettuce

Available in two versions i.e. Classic red and Green frilly loose leaf. Gives you immense taste and overcomes the scorching heat of the summer.

Romaine Lettuce

Best suited for the soups you make. A prominent figure in the Middle-Eastern cuisine


Better known as the “Chinese Cabbage”, this leafy vegetable has a primitive flavour. Low in Cholesterol and other Saturated fats.

Mustard Greens

With a distinct taste similar to pepper, it adds a unique accent to the sautes and salads.


A superfood loaded with tons of nutrients, Spinach makes your body bloom with more energy.

Swiss Chard

Braise your soups and salads with our ever fresh Swiss chard


Completely gluten free and gives the required strength for your body.

Smart Greens