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Farm Setup at Scale

Actually, it's completely possible for a farm or garden to be grown without soil and instead use an inert medium.



We can achieve by growing in large opaque storage containers or buckets. Small area? Go for an indoor system and grow vertically.



A large number of Residential Societies and Malls, have started utilising their rooftops and spaces for installation of hydroponics setups.



Hydroponic farm business grows and sells plants, vegetables, grass, and other forms of greenery to businesses and individuals.

We at Way2Grow deliver

Hydroponics Services

To guarantee food security of a community, it has been necessary to locally implement increasingly advanced and modern agricultural technology. As you’re about to find out, there are lots of reasons why we need hydroponics, such as higher quality produce, sustainability, safer produce, and much more.

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Never compromise, it's

100% Safe Produces

All produce from our farms are grown in a controlled environment so you don’t have to worry about any foreign contaminants invading your food or immediate environment hence there is no use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Using our hydroponic farming, quality and quantity of produce are never compromised.

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How much you can save using Way2Grow Agro-Tech

Since we have recirculated and reused the water, we saves upto 93% of water. Crops may yield up to three times that of traditional gardening. For nutritional value, our hydroponic vegetables may contain up to 50% more A, B, C and E vitamins than conventional crops.

Less Farm Land

Less Water

Less Energy & Waste

For the love towards the greens

Our Plans

Hydroponic farming is for everyone, anyone with interest to grow quality food at economical price can take join with us to provide delicious and sustainable food.

Homekit Plan

With Way2Grow Homekits, growing your own produce at home has never been easier.

11900 / month

  • NFT channels
  • Net Pots
  • Media Grovers
  • Water Pump
  • Sample Nutrition
  • Auto Timer for Pump
  • LED Grower Lights
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Commercial Plan

As per your farm area, you can now get a customized estimate instantly. Build you own farm.

------ / month

  • NFT channels
  • Net Pots
  • Media Grovers
  • Water Pump
  • Sample Nutrition
  • Auto Timer for Pump
  • LED Grower Lights
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We have more experience in growing plants without soil, by using mineral nutrient solution in an aqueous solvent. Our modular design system help you do more with less.

It’s even possible to put a farm directly behind restaurants that want ultra-fresh produce! And when you’re growing hydroponically, you don’t have to hit pause for a season or risk crop loss from inclement weather.

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